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Ever Wonder Which to Choose – Loose Tea Versus Tea Bags?

Since the creation and production of tea bags at the start of the 20th century, people have debated the advantages and disadvantages of loose tea leaves versus tea bags. Arguably, neither is a clear winner, and each have their specialities. Nonetheless, let’s take a closer look so you can decide which you would prefer for yourselves.
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Tea in Wedding Ceremonies Around the World

India is a land rich in culture, cuisine and ritual. Our weddings vary from north to the south vastly, but one thing ties them all together – tea. Today’s weddings tend to deviate from age-old tradition and take on characteristic themes and personalized rituals based on the couples’ preferences.
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Custom Blended Teas - A Tasteful Wedding Gift

I give you our custom blended teas, complete with premium packaging, that can be hand-picked to fit your needs and preferences. Choose from our wide range of luxury teas or combine two or more flavours to put together a distinctive hamper. Wouldn’t that be a fine sight when spilled out of our attractive wrapping paper?
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